2015 Governing Council election results announced for the Americas

Neil Shah

Regional Managing Director, Americas (RICS)

The results of the Governing Council elections for 2015 have been announced.


We wish to congratulate all of the candidates and thank them for their commitment to the profession and to RICS.  In the Americas, we’ve had seats filled as follows:

  • Ann Gray won an elected seat at large (across all of RICS)
  • Julian Josephs won an elected seat for the Americas
  • Peter Smith ran unopposed for a US seat and has been nominated to Governing Council
  • Leigh Miller  ("Property" Professional Group)

They join members that are already serving Governing Council from the Americas including:

  • John Hughes who is Chair for the Americas and Senior Vice President
  • Kevin Ellis who was previously elected at-large
  • Sanjay Amin who holds a nominated seat from the Caribbean
  • Ramsey Tadros who holds a nominated seat from Brazil

Please join us in congratulating the new members of Governing Council and thanking all of them for helping shape the future of profession and of RICS.

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