While eReaders are on the rise, many of us still succumb to the discreet charm of paper. Our Bookshop Manager at Parliament Square Paulo Ferreira shares his recommendations for the five books every real estate professional should read, which can all be ordered from the RICS Bookshop.


1. Real Estate Concepts: A Handbook by Ernie Jowsey

This book is marketed as an essential reference for students, but many experienced professionals confirm that it is a good resource for everybody as it explains essential concepts.

Subject areas covered include: planning, building surveying, valuation, law, economics, investment and finance, quantity surveying, construction and regeneration, sustainability, and property management.

2. Property Asset Management by Douglas Scarrett

This one has been written "to cater for the needs of RICS accredited and business courses".

As well as basic theory, the book, now at its third edition, discusses the process of active management, the strategic objectives, performance measurement and the key financial and operational information which enables high quality and comprehensive reporting to clients.

3. Property Investment by David Issac and John O'Leary

This book has been in print for 15 years and is an essential title on our bookshop shelves. It explores the response of property investment markets to the challenges of sustainability, and provides expanded coverage of both residential and commercial property investment.

4. Property Valuation — the Five Methods by Douglas Scarett and Sylivia Osborn

Perhaps the most concise book on valuation at the moment.

This book is ideal for those new to the subject and provides first year undergraduate students with a working knowledge and understanding of the five methods of valuation and the ways in which they are interlinked.

5. Planet Property by Peter Bill

This book explains the inner workings of the UK commercial property, residential development and rental markets in 250 pages.

This major book maps these sectors during the 1997–2007 ten-year boom, the 2008–9 financial crash and its aftermath, up to the summer of 2013.

Have we missed one?

Is there a must-read book that has been missed from our list? Make a recommendation and comment below.

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