Connecting buildings with nature

Alan Cripps FRICS

Associate Director, Built Environment Group (RICS)

Introducing the world's first biophilic design research project at BRE Watford, using an existing 650m2, 1980’s office block to connect buildings with nature.

The biophilic office project, launched on the 5 July 2017, is a ground breaking office refurbishment that will provide quantified evidence on the benefits of biophilic design on positive health and wellbeing.

The existing building and employees will be monitored for a year, following which the property will be refurbished by Architect and Interior Designer Oliver Heath, who will be leading the design elements of the refurbishment as part of the partnership with BRE.

The project will show how quantified improvements in productivity and wellness can bring rewards for landlords, occupiers, developers and all those concerned with the office and wider built environment. Researchers  will carry out a baseline year of pre-refurbishment and a year of post – refurbishment monitoring , evaluating the office environment for daylight, lighting, indoor air quality, acoustic, thermal and humidity comfort. Office occupants will undergo confidential health evaluations and sign up to a series of questionnaires and surveys. They will use wearable technology to monitoring key health metrics.

There are a host of core partners involved who will be bringing their industry expertise to the project, their details can be found on the BRE website.

We are one of the dissemination partners on this project.

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