LA2015 participants very positive about event, survey shows

Lory Paterson

Director of Professional Products, Americas (RICS)

Rated high for value, overall quality.

Los angelese at night

The results are in, and they’re generally very positive: Most respondents to an RICS survey on the third Summit of the Americas, held in Los Angeles in April, were enthusiastic about the event and considered it a very good value for the investment – and, as one indicator of that, nearly all who responded would attend another Summit. 

Fully three quarters said they thought the event had “a lot” or “a great deal of” value for the money, and more than 90% believed the Summit was “very good” or “excellent” overall. And more than 90% also rated the gathering high in “uniqueness,” which may reflect the broad scope of the conference’s agenda and offerings (including several off-site excursions). As far as conference logistics were concerned, the returns were also very positive: 100% considered the event “very” or “extremely” well-organized and 92% gave it the “Goldilocks” endorsement, saying it was “about the right” length, and not too long or short.

And here are just a few of the reasons individual attendees found LA2015 worthwhile and enjoyable:

  • “Being able to choose workshops, learning from leading industry professionals, positive attitude, the venue, the food.”
  • “Learning more skills and networking.”
  • “The professionalism was evident, keynote speakers were generally entertaining, and the venue was beautiful.”
  • “The off-site walks and tours, including of the new CBRE world headquarters.” 

We hope you enjoyed and got a lot out of LA2015 if you attended. And whether or not you were able to go, it’s not too early to start thinking about the fourth Summit of the Americas, DC2016, to be held in our nation’s capital next April. Please go to here for all the details and to take advantage of early-bird specials.

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