MIPIM 2017 coverage: the future of professionalism

Laura Lindberg

Head of Media & Communications, Europe (RICS)

MIPIM 2017 (14–16 March) was crucial for us to spead our message to and engage with the most influential professionals from all sectors of the international property industry.

MIPIM 2017

This year's MIPIM was attended by over 24,200 delegates from 100 countries, including 5,000 investors and financial institutions who heard about the organisation’s top priorities and value proposition.

Boosting confidence: Ethics, standards & self-regulation

In different meetings and media interviews, we explained how we are boosting confidence in the real estate industry through ethics, professional standards and self-regulation, for the benefit of consumers, investors, governments and its professionals. To that end, we organised several round-table discussions to gather insight and generate the debate on what being professional means in today’s changing world for property experts, as well as for their employers, occupiers and other end-users across different markets. We also explained and presented to the world a new professional statement to identify and manage conflicts of interest to become mandatory for our professionals from 2018.

Looking to the future

We also defined the role of facilities management at MIPIM, reaffirming our collaboration with IFMA and presenting some recommendations for corporate real estate occupiers with the launch of “Raising the Bar III”. We also discussed new opportunities and challenges around the use of data and new technologies in the property sector and outlined the importance of diversity to win the "war for talent".

Given the climate of political uncertainty in Europe, we took the opportunity to comment on trends and opportunities in several European cities and advocated a holistic and common EU framework to assess the value of sustainable buildings, offering high-level expertise and knowledge from professionals in attendance.

Our professionals from France discussed the important role of the organisation, its international standards and best practices in advancing and shaping new national policies and legislation impacting the sector for the public good.

Exclusive interviews and features

Mission and top priorities on professionalism

RICS President Amanda Clack FRICS explained live on Radio Immo the importance of regulating the industry and offering trust in the profession in conflicts of interest. In particular, she highlighted the need for a collaborative approach with other professional bodies, non-profit organisations, governments and regulators to set and implement the recently launched International Ethics Standards applicable in every world market.

Amanda_Clack_MIPIM_17_RICS_150317_jfRICS President Amanda Clack FRICS live on Radio Immo

German Immobilien Wirtschaft (circulation: 18,232; reach: 92,254) also published an interview with RICS Regional Managing Director in Europe Maarten Vermeulen FRICS on conflicts of interest.

Immobilien Wirtschaft coverage

Maarten Vermeulen spoke to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Property Investor Europe and Die Immobilie in Cannes. He highlighted our work to deliver professional standards across Europe on ethics, valuation, land, construction, property measurement and future leadership.

Business Immo Live interviewed RICS President Amanda Clack FRICS at MIPIM on our key topics: professionalism and ethics, the new role of facilities management and the impact of new technologies and data.

Watch Amanda Clack FRICS telling PropertyEU at MIPIM the reasons why she has chosen infrastructure and cities, the war for talent and diversity & inclusion as the three key themes looking ahead to 2030.

New mandatory requirement on conflicts of interest

With the headline 'Striving for ethical business standards in a changing world':  Property EU magazine published a two-page article with RICS CEO Sean Tompkins commenting on how professionals should act in situations where conflict of interest occurs.

Other articles:

Defining FM: Raising The Bar III

Polish media outlet Pro Progressio interviewed Paul Bagust, UK Commercial Property Director, RICS, who redefined the role of FM and explained the importance of international standards.

The Property EU magazine  published an interview with Paul Bagust on the new role of FM and RICS research and recommendations. The same magazine also explained the impact that the RICS and IFMA collaboration will bring to the market in a feature article.

Property Magazine International announced the challenges mentioned in the Raising the Bar research, including the talent shortage facing the sector.

Monitorimmobiliare (Italy) featured some of the findings of the report, revealing how facilities management is facing a major crisis mainly caused by the difficulty of attracting new talent, after an exclusive interview with Daniele Levi Formiggini.

Corriere della sera also wrote about the report quoting Paul Bagust as speaking about the need to focus on the strategic impact of our work and demonstrate how the facility manager plays a key role in improving business productivity.

The German media outlets Haufe, Property Magazine, Die Immobilie, Deal Magazin and konii also pointed out to significant lack of new talent in the FM sector quoting Ralf Pilger MRICS.

And everything else...


Global Real Estate Experts and Property EU promoted RICS interview with RICS Director Dan Hughes on the impact of new technologies and data.

European political uncertainty in property

Read articles quoting the Chair of the RICS Board Hungary on investment opportunities in Budapest and other CEE cities (Hungary): Web radio Hungary, vg.hu, mixonline.hu and Irodaterkep.hu.

Advocating standards in sustainable valuation

Read article on PropertyEU about RICS & Property EU panel session “Sustainability, Valuation and Investment” organised at MIPIM to promote a European framework to bring trust in sustainability assessments as well as consistency.

RICS President at MIPIM awards

Spanish Real Estate (Spain), Rohmert-Medien, Die Immobilie (Germany).

MIPIM on social media

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