RICS in Europe media coverage - 19 June 2017

Laura Lindberg

Head of Media & Communications, Europe (RICS)

We had a say on important topics affecting the property industry as reflected in our media coverage and social media outreach. Our view on Brexit with regards to the impact of the negotiations was of media interest this spring, together with our experts’ comments on commercial property trends and our professional groups’ insights on proptech.


RICS commenting on Brexit

“Brexit negotiators cannot underestimate the real estate industry”, we said this past May expressing our position towards Brexit as part of a joint petition to limit the impact of Brexit on the property industry but also on the economy and citizens of both EU member states and UK.

Read Europe-wide articles on PropertyEU magazine (May edition) and Property Magazine International.

In France, Business Immo and Immoweek quoted Sander Scheurwater, RICS Director of Corporate Affairs in Europe, presenting RICS petition to policy-makers involved in the EU/ UK negotiations on Brexit.

In the Netherlands, Vastgoedmarkt reported on the joint petition presented by 17 European real estate organisations, including the Dutch Property Investor Organization IVBN, the German Real Estate Organisation Federation ZIA, the British BPF, ASPIM (France) and various pan-European real estate organisations, such as INREV, EPRA, RICS and ICSC.

In Poland, Propertynews, Inwestycje and Komercja24 wrote on the subject.

Apart from that, insight from our market experts on the impact of Brexit in both the UK and the EU markets with regards to skills shortage in the construction industry and trends in the residential and commercial property sector was echoed widely:

Europe-wide by Euronews that  referred to our latest commercial property monitor findings showing demand for commercial property in the UK, particularly in the industrial sector, picked up during the first quarter. “Significantly, the forward-looking indicators are also proving relatively resilient although it would not be a surprise if activity slows somewhat ahead of the forthcoming general election,” RICS Chief Economist Simon Rubinsohn was quoted as saying.

In Germany, the Spiegel online newspaper shared RICS concern about the future of the infrastructure sector in the UK as expressed in our latest position.

In Poland, Rzeczpospolita quoted Jeremy Blackburn, Head of UK Policy at RICS, warning that “after leaving the EU, the British construction industry could lose up to 175,000 workers from EU countries.

Rzeczpospolita also interviewed Monika Debska-Pastakia FRICS on the Polish market post-Brexit.

In France, L'Agefi and L'Agefi quotidien quoted RICS Chief Economist Simon Rubinsohn on the UK housing in London.

Other mentions appeared in: aktuality.sk, EMEA.grFxteam.ru, Teletrade.ru

RICS Commercial Property Monitor

Our experts on commercial property across Europe had a say on market trends, commenting on the results of the latest RICS monitor in:

Europe: “Spain in front as EU leads global CRE sentiment, says RICS”

Property Investor Europe, Europaproperty, Property Magazine International wrote about RICS market sentiment in Europe according to our latest survey commented by RICS Chief Economist. Promotion of survey in PropertyEU magazine as well.

Poland: “Better commercial property mood in Poland”

See coverage in top media quoting RICS spokespersons: Joanna Kowalska-Szymczak MRICS and  Małgorzata Cieślak-Belgy MRICS in Rzeczpospolita and Polskie radio and an exclusive interview with Michał Rokosz MRICS on Rzeczpospolita TV.

Coverage in Poland

Financial & business media: egospodarka.pl, Inwestycje Forsal, Qbusiness, Nieruchomosci.biz, CEO Biznes w Praktyce and the newsletter of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce. Trade media Europaproperty, Real Estate Manager and Property News.

Italy: “Gli investitori stranieri dimostrano molto interesse per il matone made in Italy”

The Milano Finanza newspaper and Il sole 24 ore, as well as trade media Monitorimmobiliare, Ansa, Idealista and Invest in Italy real Estate, Borsa italiana, Internews and MF Dow Jones quoted Daniele Levi Formiggini, Chair of the RICS Board in Italy.

Germany: “Investoren haben Gewerbeimmobilienmarkt Madrid im Blick“

See coverage in Deal Magazine, konii.

France:Solide croissance de la demande locative en France »

Business Immo and Immoweek quoted Magali Marton MRICS and Simon Rubinsohn.

Spain: “Los inversores miran hacia Madrid”. See trade media Spanish Real Estate

Portuguese Housing Market Survey

We commented on the outlook of the Portuguese residential market as reported by national newspapers such as: Sol, Jornali (Portugal) and Kathimerini (Greece), Slovo and prian.ru (Russia) but also in trade media Confidencial Imobiliario, Idealista.

RICS insight on new technologies

Watch Property EU TV video on the presentation of RICS chair of Research & Innovation Professional group in the Netherlands and the panel session with international speakers at Provada organised by RICS & PropertyEU on Proptech.



Last April, Immobilien Wirtschaft (circulation +18.230 copies) dedicated a full article on BIM and the recommendations of the RICS Professional Group on Built Environment in Germany on the topic of "Risk Management in Construction", authored by Paul Holmes MRICS and chair or this group. 

In Italy, Review and Monitorimmobiliare echoed the words of the Chairman of RICS in Italy on the importance of BIM and the digitalisation of the sector at the 2017 edition of the REItaly convention held the first week of June in Milan.

RICS Focus & digitalisation in Germany

Immobilien Wirtschaft and Immobilien Manager promoted the RICS Focus event on digitalisation and new technologies as driver of change in the real estate industry.

Social media

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