RICS in Europe media coverage - 28 July 2017

Laura Lindberg

Head of Media & Communications, Europe (RICS)

In July, the media outlets all over Europe used our market insights as a basis for their stories, whereas the topic of firms regulation was prominent in the Spanish media.


Market insight

Our latest Euro area market update was echoed by the Cypriot (Gold News, Politis, Epihirimatiki), French (Business Immo, Immoweek, Le 13h de l'immobilier, urbapress), German (koniiDeutsche Finanz Presse Agentur, LifePR, Deal Magazine, Der Immobilien Brief) and Italian (Review) media outlets that quoted our economist Tarrant Parsons as saying that the positive tone to the economic data had been accompanied by a smart improvement in confidence across the commercial real estate sector, a point evidenced through the findings of the RICS Global Commercial Property Monitor.

The Portuguese Housing Market Survey was featured by the Portuguese (Regiao Sul and Algarve daily news quoting our Chief Economist Simon Rubinsohn, Sapo 24, NiT), Russian (prian.ru, Build portal, Homesoverseas) and some specialised global media (PropertywireProperty forum).

RICS standards and regulation

Axiare Patrimonio, the first quoted real estate investor in the Iberian Peninsula, became the first real estate company in Spain to be regulated by RICS. The firm announced to the press that the decision to regulate the company under the RICS professional and ethical standards provides an additional level of assurance for market confidence, investors and the remainder of its stakeholders.

The story was quickly picked up by the Spanish press. See coverage in the following influential media outlets:

El MundoEl EconomistaEjeprimeSpanish Real EstateInmodiarioMetros2, La Vanguardia, Cuatro.com, Europa press

El Economista

Other sources: Bolsa Maniavalenciaplaza

The Spanish media (Cinco dias, El Mundo, Idealista, Metros 2, Observatorio de la vivienda de extremadura, Invertia.com, Expansion.com, inmoley.com) also wrote about the consulting firm CBRE that was going to value the properties of Sareb. The valuations of each of the assets should be made under the standards of RICS, which are normally chosen by institutional investments, the announcement said.

RICS Futures

The new since April RICS Board in Germany will jointly take measures to meet the challenges that the real estate sector currently faces. Martin Eberhardt FRICS, Chair of the RICS Board in Germany, explains the individual fields of action in a feature run by large German trade media outlet Immobilien Wirtschaft (circulation +18.230 copies).

FM is the focus

EuroFM Insight magazine ran a two-page interview with Paul Baugust, RICS UK Commercial Property Director.


Raising RICS professionals

La Repubblica, Mark Up and Distribuzione Moderna write that Cushman & Wakefield has launched an ‘Academy’ for graduates from the RICS-accredited Master in Real Estate at Politecnico di Milano with the objective of offering a two-year job rotation programme to induct and retain talents. RICS structured training is offered as part of the education programme so that by the end of the 24 months, graduates have the option to sit for the RICS final assessment.

Cushman Wakefield academy

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