RICS in Latin America participates in Worldwide Workplace Web Conference in Mexico

Marcia Ferrari

Head of Development, Latin America (RICS)

Held in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico the event is geared towards the next generation of public-sector real estate professionals.

The W4 Mexico was hosted by the Administration and Appraisal of National Real Estate Institute (INDAABIN), aAn agency of the Ministry of Public Administration, whose function it is to design and implement the Federal Real Estate policy, INDAABIN has recently adopted the RICS standards for Valuation and is implementing IVS to all appraisers in the market.

This year’s topic was, “Sharing global practices pursuing local solutions – Contemporary challenges in asset management: The proficiency paradigm.”

RICS took part in two roundtables that allowed us to present on IPMS and Asset Management in the public sector:

During the first day at W4Mexico2016, I was happy to share with an audience from 16 different governmental agencies from around the globe, the importance of International Standards, and more specifically IPMS for public asset management, while day two was the perfect opportunity to share our own recently produced knowledge around Public Sector Asset Management with exactly the right audience.

From left to right: Mexican architect Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Founder of spAce Arquitectura (Mexico), Marcia Ferrari, Head of Development for Latin America (RICS), and Mr. Xavier Gaytán Zepeda, Director of Valuation for INDAABIN.

Participats take a moment to have some fun and form the abbreviation of the Worldwide Workplace Web Conference (also known as W4).

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