Leading technology companies converge at RICS London

Dan Hughes

Director, Data and Information Product Management (RICS)

Last Wednesday, we hosted the first event as part of the Tech Affiliate Program (TAP). Industry leaders from both large and small technology companies serving the built environment came together to help increase awareness of the impact of technology on the industry.

Tech affiliates

Attendees heard from David Philp, from the Digital Built Britain team, our President Amanda Clack and RICS Director of Professional Standards Ken Creighton; they all agreed that the pace of change is increasing and we need to collaborate in order to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by new technology.

I am delighted that we already have a great range of large and small companies spanning the land, property and construction sectors. I'm pleased to say that we also have a pipeline of other companies who are keen to join.

See who's already signed up

Once established in the UK, we will be working with other world regions to ensure that the program is used to facilitate and support market engagement with technology companies globally.

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About TAP

Data and technology have been used for many years across the built environment and have, to a degree, changed how we do things. However, more recently, we have seen a faster pace of change in the built environment and this is affecting how professionals carry out their roles. We have therefore launched the Tech Affiliate Program in order to:

  • Support the awareness of technology across the sector.
  • Encourage thought leadership specifically relating to the impact of technology on the sector.
  • Support professionals with the adoption of standards.
  • Encourage collaboration within the sector.

There are numerous benefits to affiliates joining the program and if you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you.

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