RICS Summit Series 2018

Neil Shah

Regional Managing Director, Americas (RICS)

Since 2012, RICS has hosted five Summit of the Americas conferences in cities across North America – Miami, Toronto, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Chicago.


These events have been well-received by hundreds of delegates each year, and we are excited to introduce a new format for 2018 that will see the Summit reach a broader audience across the Americas.

Traditionally, the Summits have been two day conferences held in one city per year. This year, the Summit will be held as a series of one day events across 7 cities from January to June 2018.

2018 marks the 150th anniversary of RICS. The Summit Series will be an opportunity to engage and involve more professionals as we celebrate this important milestone in the history of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Summits in one, or more, of the host cities:

  • Houston - January 30, 2018
    Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Houston Branch
  • San Francisco – February 15, 2018
    215 Fremont Conference Centre
  • Miami – March 20, 2018
    Ernest R Graham University Center, Florida International University
  • New York – May 14, 2018
    Grand Hall, NYU Global Center
  • Mexico – May 2018
  • Toronto – June 4, 2018
    Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place
  • Sao Paulo – June 2018

Join us for a program in each city that will feature a ‘Future of Cities’ theme, and topics like Infrastructure, Resilience, PropTech and an insider’s view of landmark developments. We’ll continue to feature popular topics like “Valuing the …” where a panel of experts will describe the nuances of appraising invaluable properties like the White House or Wrigley Field/the Cubs franchise after a World Series win.

The Summit Series promises to be an opportunity for our qualified professionals to come together to discuss topics and issues impacting our industry today and those that will impact our future.

Be part of the discussion by attending a Summit event in a city near you. You can learn more about past Summits and the upcoming series by visiting rics.org/sota.

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