Valuer Registration goes into full implementation in Brazil

Michael Zuriff

Head of Regulation, Americas (RICS)

The Valuer Registration program was officially launched during a member’s meeting in Brazil on May 12, and will monitor all registered RICS members in the region who are working in the valuation profession performing Red Book valuations.

The recently launched RICS report “Futures: Our Changing World” was also discussed during the meeting, and was presented by Country Manager for Brazil, Marcia Ferrari.

The initiative was well-received by those present and the wider market, due to the increasing uncertainty and therefore, greater need for confidence.

Aiming to ensure the quality of valuations, the Valuer Registration program raises the credibility of valuers in the region they are working in. It also provides clients with an easily identifiable designation for those professionals that work to the highest standards and can provide proof of independent quality-assurance.

Check out the pictures from the Brazil launch of the Valuer Registration program here.

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