We stand in support

Neil Shah

Regional Managing Director, Americas (RICS)

Once again, Mother Nature has flexed her muscles to remind and humble us with her relentless power. The recent natural events in the Caribbean, Houston (Texas) and Miami (Florida) have left a trail of destruction and chaos. It is painful to watch such devastation of human life, property and resources

On behalf of our entire RICS professional community, staff and our families, I want to express our sympathies to those impacted from these events. We extend our support to all those affected as they try to rebuild their communities

Much gratitude to our CEO, Sean Tompkins and President, Amanda Clack FRICS for personally reaching out to the member community and offering RICS’s support and sympathies.

I know members of the profession around the world will have been deeply affected and saddened by the images we've seen of the awful effects of the recent hurricanes. We know that many lives are being afflicted by this terrible natural disaster.  

On behalf of the profession and staff team we wanted to reach out personally to express our support and deepest sympathy to all of you who are affected, your families and friends. Our thoughts are with you and your communities as you recover from the devastation and destruction. 

At this moment, we recognise that the focus of the lead disaster management agencies will be on the immediate emergency issues, but we will make sure that they also recognise that this profession is available to help when the time is right. 

We and 130,000 fellow professionals around the world have you very much in our thoughts at this time.

I request and encourage our entire RICS fraternity to actively engage and participate in the reconstruction efforts in these neighbourhoods in any form and shape. If you’re unsure how you can contribute, please reach out to your local chapter or contact one of our regional offices.

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