How we're adapting to the influence of technology

Ken Creighton

Director of Professional Standards (RICS)

The built environment will change dramatically in the coming years due to the influence of technology and as the rate of change gets faster and faster, technology is increasingly becoming an essential part of a professional’s workflow.


To ensure that we are prepared for, and influencing the changes that are happening here at RICS, we are delighted to welcome on board Dave Ramsey as our new Director of Data Standards.

Two main focuses:

1. Ensure RICS standards can be adopted by software companies as appropriate

Dave will be leading our efforts to ensure our standards are data ready. For example, currently our content, such as the Red Book or RICS Measurement, is written in sentences and paragraphs for professionals to read and implement.

But how do we support the growth of technology by ensuring our standards can be appropriately applied in software and applications? We want to both encourage quality and consistency through technology and make sure RICS can continue to promote and enforce the highest international standards within the built environment.

2. Lead engagement with established Data Standard setting bodies and coalitions

Dave will also be working with other organisations around the world, in the model of our other international standards, to ensure the world has international data standards as necessary.

Dave joins us from the IFRS Foundation, the international standard setter for the accounting profession, where he was Chief Technology Officer. Previously Dave worked for Xerox as a Developer in California, the UK and France.

We look forward to working with Dave and continuing our work in ensuring that professionals are prepared for the ways in which digital technology is changing the way we plan, build, maintain and use our social and economic infrastructure.

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