“What is a Quantity Surveyor?” is a question that is often asked, even amongst those in the built environment.

A QS in today’s world is expected to have a broad range of abilities and expertise, and the skills they put into most use can vary depending by project. QS’s can be the industry’s financial consultants, cost planners, and even play a key role in claims management and dispute resolution procedures.

When I started my career in Quantity Surveying as a trainee, working for a local contractor in England, my boss told me that, “A good QS will pay for himself.” 

Hiring a QS means they are expected to generate enough revenue through procurement savings, effective cost-planning, change management, and persuasive final account negotiations, amongst others, to cover their own cost to the project. Overall, a Quantity Surveyor increases the chances of a project succeeding financially, especially when given adequate levels of authority.

Read more on how the QS’s role is defined both here and abroad, and how they bring value to each project, by downloading the full article to the right.

Michael Davis MRICS

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