This week, RICS, representing the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC), collected the award for Best International Collaborative Project at the annual British Expertise International awards ceremony in London.

Nominated in a category boasting high profile government, charity and international NGO led projects, the IPMS Coalition was commended on its efforts to create a more transparent marketplace and to strengthen public trust and investor confidence in the built environment.

A collaborative approach

The judges praised the Coalition’s collaborative approach, which has seen organisations come together for the first time to establish one consistent standard for property measurement – replacing the dozens that existed previously, which were undermining the international nature of the industry.

We were a pioneer for the IPMS initiative which began at the World Bank in May 2013. Today, the Coalition is comprised of 86 professional organisations from around the world and has published IPMS standards for measuring office buildings and residential property in more than a dozen languages..

RICS Technical Standards Director, Alexander Aronsohn, who is also a member of the IPMS Standards Setting Committee collected the award from The Duke of Gloucester, on behalf of the Coalition.

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