Average kitchen and bathroom costs rose by approximately 2% in the year to 1st quarter 2017 after a significant fluctuation in labour rates owing to wage increases and skills shortages within the industry as well as an upturn in materials costs.

The graph below shows the Index of kitchen and bathroom costs from 1st quarter 2012 to 1st quarter 2017 compared to the Retail Prices Index. Over the last five-year period, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings costs rose by more than 10%, with the rise in costs of sanitaryware outstripping inflation.

BCIS provides pricing guidance to the construction industry and technical journals including the ‘AJ Specification’, the technical supplement to The Architects’ Journal. The April issue of the supplement included the latest sample cost breakdowns for various types of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings. Prices are based on the BCIS Schedule of Rates online estimating data and reflect the prices a developer might expect to pay on a medium-sized residential project for products in the low to upper-middle specification range.

Kitchen, bathroom and Retail Prices Index (base 1Q2012 = 100)

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