Our Dispute Resolution Service has worked in partnership with a coalition of leading construction and engineering professional bodies, and two major employers in the infrastructure space, to launch the new Conflict Avoidance Pledge. The Pledge will be officially launched in London in November.


The Conflict Avoidance Pledge drives behaviour change in the land, property and construction industry by encouraging all organisations to consider their working practices and to move away from the culture of combative and dispute-heavy business relationships to a more collaborative approach.

A ground-breaking collaboration

The Pledge has been created by the RICS, the Royal Institution of British Architects, the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation and the International Chambers of Commerce UK, with support from Transport for London and Network Rail. These organisations have joined together in a ground-breaking coalition to help the industry reduce the financial and reputational costs caused by disputes.

When an organisation signs the pledge, it indicates they are committed to:

  • Work proactively to avoid conflict and facilitate early resolution of potential disputes.
  • Develop their capability in the early identification of potential disputes and in the use of conflict avoidance measures.
  • Promote the value of collaborative working to prevent issues developing into disputes.
  • Work with industry partners to identify, promote and utilise conflict avoidance mechanisms.
The ambition of the coalition is to promote greater understanding and use of conflict avoidance techniques, which help contracting parties deal with differences of opinion early and amicably, and avoid costly, slow and potentially damaging litigation.

The coalition is also developing initiatives to inform the industry about the added value of these techniques, and how to access and use them.

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  1. I'm proud of RICS being an instrumental party to forge this collaborative working initiative of "Conflict Avoidance Pledge". I believed the big challenge is how to change mindset for parties working in an today very complex project.
    I support thus great initiative and looking forward for more updates when the pledge is launch in November.

    Peter Chua Peter Chua, 12 June at 01:14AM

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