RICS Data Services recently held their first breakfast seminar, covering topics such as inflation,

Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam

The morning session provided a look at how much of a risk inflation poses to project delivery and which inflation measures are available and best to use.

A clearer understanding and quantification of the inflationary risks will allow project owners and contractors to mitigate rising costs and to ensure that the right levels of costs are set aside in project budgets but also avoid unnecessary levels that can prevent spending where it is needed most.

View the presentations and case studies from the day below.

RICS Data Services:

  • Launched the RICS Infrastructure Inflation Outlook, giving you high level market intelligence
  • Spoke on the Major Projects Inflation service, which would help you to predict outturn costs and identify key cost drivers
  • Presented Infrastructure case studies, to show you how projects can go right.
  • RICS President Amanda Clack introduce the seminar, giving veiws on the importance of managing inflationary risk on large projects.

RICS Data Services can help you manage your inflationary risk:

  • Predict outturn costs: to provide greater certainty in budget setting
  • Identify key cost drivers: to allow development of substitution strategies
  • Highlight capacity issues: to inform programme flexibility in scheduling of work packages
  • Inform contractual decisions: ensure T&Cs allow for equitable sharing of inflation risk.

If you need tailored support, please contact: David Crosthwaite, Head of Data Services,  tel: 0207 695 1541

Breakfast seminar presentations

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