University accreditation in the Americas has relaunched over the last year and RICS is delighted by the recent interest expressed by several universities in the region.


RICS accredited programs give faculty and students a wide variety of benefits, including access to online forums, professional development opportunities and the world's most extensive international library of research* in the built environment.

Accreditation gives graduates the opportunity to move directly into a 2-3 year route to RICS membership as opposed to a five-year experience minimum for graduates of a non-accredited degree. This expedited route to membership is a clear benefit for a graduate and often attracts international students to RICS accredited programs. Engaged members and chapter groups are an important element of university accreditation. There has been some excellent engagement activity across the region that has helped RICS foster and grow university relationships. Thank you to all involved.

RICS aims to engage top-tier schools offering programs that meet exceptional academic standards. We currently have accredited programs with New York University (NYU), University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Wisconsin (UW), and Johns Hopkins University (JHU). RICS worldwide has recognized that schools of this calibre play a critical role in developing the future leaders of our industry. With this, the RICS Global Education and Standards board is currently working in conjunction with staff on accrediting another three programs in the coming months.

The University of British Columbia is currently the only university in Canada with an RICS accredited degree (i.e. the Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Real Estate). Given UBC’s draw with international students, the accredited degree allows them to return to their countries and stand out in their respective job markets with the RICS designation as a key identifier.

More information on RICS accredited is universities here.

* Our research informs and promotes professional standards and helps RICS gain recognition in economic and political centers around the world. Our research materials are showcased by international media, discussed at professional and academic conferences and used to brief stakeholders, policy makers and other decision makers.

Georgetown volunteer notetakers at the first World Built Environment Forum and Summit of the Americas DC2016, April 2016

UBC Student Volunteers at the IPMS Vancouver, November 2015
UBC Student Volunteers at the IPMS Vancouver, November 2015

RICS sponsored the 3rd Annual NYU Conference on International Real Estate: “Considerations on Cross-Border Investing in a Hot Global Market” that took place in April 2016

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