17 UK-based members of the profession are today elected to sit on RICS’ Transitionary Governing Council after a vote held amongst the UK membership of RICS.

RICS crest
  • AGAR, Keith
  • ARCHER, Louise
  • ASHER, Richard William
  • BAKER, James
  • BAYLISS, Dayle
  • BEST, Rebecca
  • CAMERON, Sara Louise
  • DAY, Bryony
  • DUMASHIE, Diane
  • GEORGE, Nicola
  • HANNAWAY, Michael Francis
  • HINDLE, Rob
  • HOLDEN, Michael John
  • LEADER, Amy
  • LEVER, Jonathan
  • ROYLE, Monique Ghislaine
  • YARWOOD, Adrienne

The voting in numbers

Number of eligible voters 76,022
Total number of votes cast: 8,010
Turnout: 10.50%
Number of votes found to be invalid: 0
Total number of valid votes to be counted: 8,010

Strategic seats

The election was managed on behalf of RICS by Electoral Reform Services.

Electoral Reform Services confirm that, as far as reasonably practicable, every person whose name appeared on the electoral roll supplied by RICS for the purpose of the election:

a) was sent the details of the election and
b) if they chose to participate in the election, had their vote fairly and accurately recorded

All voting material will be stored for twelve months.

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