MIPIM, day two: FM defines the future

Paul Bagust

Global Property Standards Director (RICS)

After a fantastic day launching the new RICS Conflicts of Interest Professional Statement to great recognition and market support, today was the day for facilities management to take centre stage and compete with the sunshine for an audience.

MIPIM 2017

Watch: How can FM transform our world and shape the future?

Today we launched the third in our series of 'Raising the Bar' FM market reports alongside IFMA. Through interviews with over 1500 FM and corporate real estate professionals globally, the report identifies the key issues facing the industry and looks at how FM can move from operational excellence to strategic impact. 

Report author, Jim Ware, presented at the Corporate Occupier Summit to an audience of senior stakeholders including property directors from L’Oreal and Renault. It was encouraging to hear from such people how welcome the report was and how its conclusions reflected their own business.

We are at a crossroad in the development of FM

The key theme of the report and the discussion is that whilst FM is dynamic and evolving it is also at a cross road in its development. The rapid progress in technology and workplace means that opportunities for the profession are limitless but the future skills needed will focus on collaboration, relationships and business skills. However, there is a serious talent shortage in FM - RICS has more FM members over 70 than under 30 and that is a significant risk to a profession.

It was also felt that the term Facility Management can be seen as focussing too heavily on the physical assets which can detract from our most important organisational resource: the people who use the workplace to produce business value.

Technology will be crucial in future workplaces

Additional insight was captured at an FM roundtable and a further FM presentation on the RICS stand. It was clear that the IFMA-RICS collaboration and its intention to transform FM through consistent global standards and the creation of a unified career path was hugely welcomed by an audience of FM professionals all looking to ensure FM becomes a part of their organisation's leadership function.

Key to the FM conversation and the emerging focus on workplace professionals is that technology will be crucial. Rather  than simply using technology to monitor and record it must be used to enhance and create new experiences at work.

It has been fantastic to get such a warm reception for both the report and the IFMA-RICS vision to define FM. It wasn’t just the sun shining bright at MIPIM today.

Watch: How can FM transform our world and shape the future?

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