We have recently catalogued and valued the antiquities that we keep in secure storage. These assets include pictures, portraits, tapestries, pendants, medallions, regalia, silverware, gavels etc. The valuer has noted some items of high-quality and value, but much is sundry paraphernalia gathered over many years.

RICS London

We also have a collection of historic books, but these are still to be fully catalogued so will remain in our possession.

Our Finance Committee recently agreed that we should rationalise the collection of items to only keep those assets of specific value to RICS.

A summary of decisions

Decision Value (£)
Keep 150,864
Dispose 1,058
Sell 78,548
Total 230,470

Proceeds will be used to pay for the valuation and cataloguing of the collection, and to then conserve and restore any items; any remaining surplus will go into general funds.

A full inventory is available upon request. Individuals should contact Mark Southwell if there are any queries over provenance or ownership. Full documentation will be held for all decisions.

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