Shaping the professionals of the future

Ken Creighton

Director of Professional Standards (RICS)

We are committed to introducing a suite of professional standards that will shine a light on the expertise and exemplary conduct of those working across the land, property and construction, and valuation sectors. A profession that operates under the most rigorous standards will be one trusted by clients and governments alike.

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Never before have professional surveying skills been more in demand. That makes our work to strengthen the industry’s home-grown skills base all the more relevant. This can only be achieved through collaborating with our professionals, and that is why we need your insight to help us shape the professionals of the future.

Looking to the future

Qualification as a chartered surveyor should not be easy, but it should be easy to understand what is required of our future professionals — and what is required is changing. The RICS Futures report provided an insight into these changes:

New business models, new work dynamics and technological advances are among the drivers for new skills needs and for new ways of working. We need to rethink how we build up skills across our sector to meet the challenges we’re facing.

Employers of all types — big and small, public and private — must emphasise the need to develop “soft skills”, such as negotiation, influencing, commercial awareness and collaboration. New analytical skills are vital for the land, real estate and construction sectors to leverage the power of the data now available to them. Professionals will have to develop the ability to cope with greater complexity resulting from access to vast data sources.

With this in mind, I am pleased to share with you the consultation feedback report in response to the review of RICS’ pathways and competencies framework — we have listened to your views. It is important we take an evolutionary approach to our qualifications and some proposals will not be taken forward.

Out with the old, in with the new

Innovation is at the heart of all that our professionals do; new competencies, such as big data, Inclusive design, and smart cities and intelligent buildings, will be developed further. Some competencies will be updated and, where there is duplication and overlap, some will be removed. There will be greater flexibility of choice for candidates choosing their competencies. All current pathways will be retained and new pathways will be created. These developed proposals will be included in a second-phase consultation, focusing on the individual pathways, later in 2017.

I encourage you to read the report and would you like to thank you for your time and efforts so far. Whether you are an assessor, counsellor, graduate manager or on your journey to qualifying with RICS, we want to tap into your expertise, your experiences and your ideas for how we develop professionals of the future.

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