The Americas training hub is launching in spring 2016.

Training newsletter

Training courses help you develop your existing skills and knowledge and incorporate RICS standards. Our courses span the professions that RICS serves with a mix of introductory and advanced courses.  RICS training is an ideal way to gain CPD hours, prepare for a membership assessment, or improve your (or your team’s) business or technical skills.  

We will be offering various course formats to meet your needs. You can already sign up for short-term and long-term self-paced online learning courses.  In the coming weeks, we will introduce live, expert-led online courses. This course format enables students to interact with one another and the instructor online and in real time. 

We are also expanding our capability to provide customized face-to-face group training. For more information about customized training, please contact Evan Katzman at

As we develop new courses and set priorities for the Americas training hub, we want to hear from you! Please fill out this short questionnaire to help us identify training needs and preferences. We’re excited to bring this RICS offering to our Americas market and look forward to hearing from you.

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