Year-in-Review Message from RICS Regulation Manager

Michael Zuriff

Head of Regulation, Americas (RICS)

In 2014, RICS has continued to develop its regulatory function to strengthen confidence in the profession.

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2014 has seen Valuer Registration, our proactive monitoring program, fully implemented in the Cayman Islands, one of the first countries outside of the UK to do so.  There is a plan in place to deliver the program across the Caribbean.  By having an embedded monitoring program across the region, RICS members clearly demonstrate to the market that their work meets international standards and that they are open to external scrutiny.

We have expanded Firms Regulation with our first firms in Brazil and Columbia becoming “Regulated by RICS”.  We have continued our Regulatory Reviews, to ensure member and firm compliance with the RICS Rules of Conduct for firms and members and with RICS standards.  

The team has also been actively going out to meet members in their local chapters. Regulatory meet and greets, including discussions on standards and the RICS Rules of Conduct, were held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Bridgetown, and Port of Spain. 
In 2014, RICS became an associate member of the Association of Appraisal Regulatory Organizations (AARO), an organization comprised of US state appraisal licensing bodies.  We look forward to a continued and growing relationship with the states in 2015 as we further develop our presence in the United States.

We have formally established the Americas World Regional Regulatory Advisory Panel (WRRAP), which is focused on advising the regulatory team on the most appropriate way to address issues such as conflicts of interest, disciplinary hearings, data protection, and other sensitive topics that might impact our ability to regulate across jurisdictions in the Americas.

Lastly, I could not miss the opportunity to mention the work around fully implementing our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy.  I am pleased to say that almost 95% or members complied with the requirement for 2013.  Some of you may have received calls or emails from our team offering a reminder for 2014 and assistance with recording in the online system.  I know that this is a busy time, but please be sure to continue the great work and record what you’ve done in 2014 by the December 31st deadline.  We are available to help if you need assistance with the website or have any questions. 
With all that's happening at RICS, we look forward to continuing to work with members and the wider industry in 2015.  In the meantime, we wish you a very happy holiday season and a healthy new year. 

Members may contact us at or by calling +1 212 847 7400.

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