Agreement would facilitate joint efforts in numerous areas.

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Three organizations integral to quantity surveying in Canada have agreed to collaborate in a number of areas on projects of mutual interest. The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS), which certifies quantity surveyors and construction estimators in Canada; the Canadian Association of Consulting Quantity Surveyors (CACQS), which represents member firms; and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which develops standards and regulates the profession, recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) representing their shared commitment to the quantity surveying profession in Canada.

Under the MOU, the three organizations agreed to:

  • Encourage a positive environment within which they can work collaboratively;
  • Provide a basis for joint action in priority areas of common interest, such as continuing professional development, education, member services, professional services; and
  • Provide a mechanism at a senior level for continuing dialogue among RICS, CIQS, and CACQS.

The specific areas in which the three groups seek to collaborate include ensuring the competency of quantity surveyors; providing opportunities for them to expand their skills; boosting recognition of the profession; actively considering opportunities to co-develop, co-brand and sell training, educational products, standards and guidelines; and jointly developing events.

CACQS is delighted to enter into this MOU as we expand our cross-Canada initiative to advance the consulting quantity surveyor profession in Canada that provides value-added services to our client groups and industry partners.
Since our formation in 1959, the CIQS has continued to engage with recognized professional bodies such as the RICS, and this MOU confirms our joint commitment to work not only with members but also the member firms such as those represented by the CACQS.
In bringing together these three key professional bodies, this MOU signals our continuing efforts to ensure that we all work together for the betterment of the quantity surveying profession in Canada.

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  1. The view from RICS

    RICS, CACQS and CIQS share a number of important interests related to the quantity surveying profession in Canada. RICS is looking forward to lending its expertise in regulation and standards under this MOU, and excited to be collaborating with these two organizations that are integral to the profession and its members.

    Neil Shah

    Neil Shah, RICS Regional Managing Director, Americas 17 June 2016 17 at 16:38PM

  1. I applaud this initiative. I am hopeful that this MOU will give rise to a seamless transition of chartered quantity surveyors in the Americas (especially the Caribbean) to seek and obtain employment as quantity surveyors in Canada where there are vacancies.

    Richard Campbell Richard Campbell, 18 June 2016 18 at 01:34AM

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