Following Carillion entering liquidation, we respond.


Carillion’s collapse is a sad indictment for construction and outsourced services. It is indicative of the need to raise professional standards covering financial management bringing consistency, transparency and increased certainty in decision-making in the industry.

While there are many factors being reported for Carillion’s demise, procurement and financial reporting have quite rightly been placed in the public eye by those looking for lessons to be learned. 

Developing best practice, education and training in this area is therefore key and central to our strategy. Once the full implications of Carillion being placed into liquidation are known, we will work with the Construction Leadership Council, leaders in facilities management, and others in the industry to develop new standards in procurement and financial management.

It is imperative that the industry works together in these areas to prevent another contractor collapse.

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  1. How many RICS members were employed by Carillion?

    Neil Watson Neil Watson, 25 February at 23:37PM

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