Donald Barton FRICS celebrates 74 years of service

Louise Brooke-Smith FRICS

Former President (2014/15) (RICS)

Today I was delighted to welcome Donald Barton FRICS, who has been a member of RICS since 1941, to RICS headquarters in celebration of his 90th birthday

Donald Barton family

It’s not often that you meet a member who has been part of RICS for over 70 years. Donald Barton became a student member of RICS in 1941 and qualified as a quantity surveyor in 1946. To put this in perspective, Donald qualified just over a year after the end of the Second World War, and 23 years before the first moon landing.

Staff at Parliament Square found the member register from when Donald first qualified. At this time, the name of each new member was handwritten into a ledger, and members had the opportunity to sign next to their name. As Donald had never signed his name, we completed this process during his visit.

Donald Barton FRICSDonald’s career marked the start of several generations of chartered surveyors in his family. His grandson, Tom, became an RICS member only last year.

Happy Birthday Donald. Thank you for your 74 years of service to RICS.

Donald Barton register

Donald Barton family

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