Craig Macdonald MRICS, is a building surveyor from Scotland who recently conducted a thorough set of condition surveys of dilapidated hospitals in remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

Through a combination of building pathology, constantly evolving inspection methodology, technology and reporting, Craig has worked to produce an up to date review of the conditions of the hospitals.

High standards of cleanliness

The safe operation of all hospitals relies upon high standards of cleanliness and procedure – standards that are particularly hard to achieve in rural Papua New Guinea.

The structures themselves are often dilapidated as they were built by Lutheran overseas partners in the 1950s, using leftover buildings and materials from the Second World War. This situation is worsened by difficult geographic conditions, such as the tremors from the semi-active volcano on Karkar Island.

Vital hospitials

These hospitals carry out vital emergency operations, as well as providing maternity services, and yet they face daily struggles when it comes to the facilities available.

Gaubin hospital, for instance, has only well water supply, and no surgeon specific scrub basin, making it impossible for surgeons to adequately wash their hands before and after a procedure. Furthermore, one site has just eight hours of available electricity a day and inadequate facilities to provide patients with food.

As such, the condition survey reports carried out by Craig and his team will be essential in providing a case for investment and refurbishment of important medical facilities for these remote and poor communities. The challenges faced in completing this vital work cement Craig’s place as a surveyor worthy of celebration in RICS’ 150th year.

Pride in the Profession

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