Victory in Europe: VE Day 70 years on

Annette Howard

Information Officer (RICS)

As London burst in life with the news of the ending of hostilities in Europe on 8 May 1945, celebrations went on long into the night after six years of war.


RICS HQ building must have witnessed scenes of jubliation that day and night. If you close your eyes you can hear the chuch bells ringing out across the city and listen to sounds of laugher and cheering of the crowds below and they move towards Buckingham Palace waiting for the Royal family to appear on the balcony.

EB Gillett of the Chartered Surveyors' Institution (as RICS was known as the time) signed the Loyal Address sent to His Majestry King George VI as its Patron.

There are a number of events taking place in London from 8 to 10 May marking the 70th anniversary including an outdoor concert, a church service, fly past, and a veterans parade. 100 beacons will be lit on the evening of 8 May throughout the UK..

VE Day Loyal Address

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