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There are multiple opportunities to engage with your fellow members at the local, national or international level as an RICS volunteer. Opportunities exist in the following areas for members with a broad spectrum of skills, geographies and time availability.

RICS Americas has more than 20 Chapters across the United States, Canada and Caribbean. Responsible for working with the Chapter Board, key members and RICS Americas staff, volunteers can participate in a variety of Chapter initiatives, including identifying professional development topics and speakers relevant to the Chapter membership interests; exploring local sponsorship and partnership opportunities; and facilitating networking events.

RICS produces a variety of print and online materials comprising of regional and international journals, online forums, newsletters and publications. Much of the content for these materials is derived from member experiences shared through interviews, articles and employer profiles. Sharing your own story is a simple yet effective way to provide publicity for you and your firm and adds to the diverse content RICS aims to deliver for our members. Opportunities to be a media spokesperson, event moderator or panellist, as well as a member of the RICS Americas editorial board, may also be available.

As a member-based organization, many RICS activities are centered on supporting future and current membership. Activities include referring individuals for membership, mentoring those who are candidates for one of RICS’ routes to AssocRICS or MRICS, helping expand RICS’ presence at local and regional events, as well as welcoming new members into the organization.

Charitable activities
Our’ philanthropic arm is felt both at the local and international levels. In your local community, members can receive training to provide member-to-member support through Lionheart, a non-profit devoted to assisting members and their families experiencing difficulties such as ill-health, unemployment or bereavement.

At the international level, we continue to develop protocol, advocacy and on-site support related to significant natural disasters and humanitarian crises through BuildAction and the Disaster Management Commission. Additional opportunities exist within the RICS Sustainability program.

For more details about RICS’ charitable activities, please visit:




Become a volunteer by emailing the RICS Americas inbox at ricsamericas@rics.org with your specific area(s) of interest. The relevant Americas staff person will be happy to answer any questions, usually within five business days.

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