Working in property can provide great opportunities to play a part in every aspect of the development, purchase, sale and management of property.


Commercial property

Surveyors in this sector are involved in the purchase, sale, management and leasing of business premises, negotiations between landlords and tenants, and strategic management of corporate property portfolios, as well as developing telecoms networks' infrastructure and the valuation of land and buildings. Visit our Commerical Property Professional Group page for further information.

Residential property

The specialism with the highest public profile, this can involve acting as an agent, broker or auctioneer in a sale, the management, valuation and surveying of public or private property and overseeing the contractual relationship between landlords and tenants, as well as giving advice on investment and development. Visit our Residential Property Professional Group page for further information.


Valuation of property, land and business assets is a core skill that plays a vital role in bank lending, accounting, investment, taxation, and many other activities.Visit our Valuation Professional Group page for further information.

Facilities management

This refers to the management of the services that support a business, including relocation, health and safety, outsourcing, procurement, property management and utilities and services. Visit our Facilities Management Professional Group page for further information.

Dispute resolution

This area of discipline includes rent reviews, lease renewals, building contracts, boundary disputes, valuation, planning disputes, and professional negligence, as well as advising on conflict avoidance and acting as arbitrators, adjudicators, mediators and experts. Visit our Dispute Resolution Professional Group page for further information.

Machinery and business assets

This area covers the valuation and sale of a firm's machinery, equipment and business assets - from oil refineries to websites - which is important for insurance, accounting, insolvency, compulsory purchase, taxation, and market value purposes. Visit our Machinery & Business Professional Group page for further information.

Management consultancy

In providing impartial advice, a management consultant could be involved with developing a real estate acquisition plan, a local authority leisure strategy or a corporate recovery programme, handling insolvency or helping a manufacturer overcome production problems. Visit our Management Consultancy Professional Group page for further information.

Arts and antiques

Through the ages, artists and craftsmen have created fabulous objects that reveal the history and fashion of every continent. Chartered arts & antiques surveyors work with valuable and curious artefacts, advising on their value, care, sale and acquisition - privately or by auction. Visit our Arts & Antiques Professional Group page for further information.

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