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Certificate in Construction Project Management

Distance learning Online, 17 Apr 2018

Tailored to deliver the project management technical and practical skills to construction quantity surveying professionals, this certificate will provide you with the knowledge of key project management techniques as they apply to construction projects.

You will explore the project lifecycle from start to finish and the critical steps within each stage, including how to plan, organise and control construction operations; undertaking initial feasibility studies through to design, construction, maintenance, refurbishment and demolition.

As businesses bid and win work on the international stage, all case studies used in this course will have a local and international perspective to give you a well-rounded view of managing construction projects with a focus on internationals and local contract practice, project finance control and reporting, project process and procedures and risk managements.

"This course has been fabulous. It was exactly what it said on the box, which was not only what I wanted, but needed for my business to advance in the way that I would like it to."
Edwin McArthur, Director

Interview with Tim Jones FRICS

We speak with Tim Jones FRICS, who provides construction industry insight, the emerging skills gaps and the RICS training courses that support the changing industry needs.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals new to the construction industry and looking to work in project management
  • Professionals looking to consolidate their skills and knowledge of construction project management
"Being enrolled onto it has given me the opportunity to find my first job in the UK. I am working as a Project Manager and the reading material, especially the Course Textbook, is a real asset in which I can find all what I need to understand my job."
Nuria Luguera, Building Asset Consultant


Current RICS project management trainer with over 25 years’ senior experience delivering diverse range of capital and operational projects and programmes in city centre, environment, M&E, housing, leisure, conservation, arts, public space and economic development sectors. 

The trainer has also specialised in setting up project management teams to deliver complex regeneration schemes and programmes in deprived communities (Canley and Wood End Coventry) as well as negotiating the City wide regeneration priorities with the HCA and the RDA.

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Course content

  • Components that make up the cost of a project to the contractor
  • Data reports
  • Liability statements, costs to complete and cost value reconciliations
  • Prepare cashflows
  • Financials and mange sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Evaluate on financial implications
  • The impact legislation and regulation have on a project
  • Post contract operational processes
  • Evaluating on the choice of construction solution for a project
  • How to structure a business case
  • Business case drivers and structure
  • The reason for creating a project brief and business case
  • Evaluate a business case against project brief
  • The process of costing construction work
  • Quantification works on different stages of a construction project
  • Costing of construction works by methods such as tendered rates and quotations
  • The use of cashflows in financial management
  • Manage project costs during each development phase
  • Use risk management and analysis techniques
  • The concepts of risk within a construction project
  • Techniques to measure risk
  • Preparing risk reports
  • Risk registers and models used to quantify the risk
  • Life cycle costing
  • Evaluation of risk registers
  • Prepare audit reports for clients and stakeholders
  • Various techniques of development appraisals to evaluate a project
  • The purpose of the brief
  • Structure of the document
  • Writing for your audience
  • The main types of procurement used in both private and public sectors
  • How to implement procurement routes
  • Tendering and negotiating process involved within procurement
  • Producing tender documentation
  • The purpose of contracts and their relevance in the construction industry
  • The contractual procedures applied to various stages of a contract
  • The different stages of a projects development
  • Key stake holders and their role within a project
  • Project execution plans and other management tools
  • How leadership and motivation can be applied to project management
  • Awareness of effective organisational design and communication strategies within a project team
  • Managing people and targets to achieve performance.

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£895.00 for RICS members

£1,075.00 for non-members

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