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Valuation: Foundation Programme

Distance learning Online, 31 Jan 2018

Gain a foothold in the practice of valuation – plan and prepare valuation reports.

Designed for professionals wanting to gain a fundamental understanding of the key valuation methods and best practice techniques for measurement and inspection.

This six month distance learning course will enable you to assess the property market and be in a position to identify and apply different types of valuation, and create valuation reports in line with RICS best-practice and international standards.

This course has been designed to give professionals detailed knowledge needed for valuation, focusing on the main competencies of valuation practice: inspection, measurement and valuation methodologies and then will take them through the application of that knowledge and provide guidance and best practice on how to write Red Book compliant reports which will ensure that any valuation report meets RICS as well as international standards (including IPMS and IVS).

Who would this course benefit?

Professionals completing this course will be recently graduated from university or new in their role and to valuation. It will support the development of the core Valuation Pathway competencies (inspection, measurement and valuation) as well as extremely beneficial to any candidate declaring the valuation competency on any RICS Pathway.

From the trainer

Kate Taylor
In my early career as a valuer there were many gaps and areas where I felt less confident that I had not studied before at university. I would have loved a course like Valuation Foundation to give me the holistic overview I needed, as a stepping stone to building experience and developing further professionally in a learning community with similar learners from all over the world.

Learning outcomes

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify when and why a valuation is required
  • Apply best practice on inspection and investigation
  • Explain the international aspect of property measurement
  • Assess and identify the main drivers of value in your local market and globally
  • Describe and understand the role of the value within the property market
  • Explain key valuation methods theories and techniques
  • Select most appropriate method of valuation for a given property scenario
  • Produce a valuation applying the appropriate method of valuation
  • State the purpose of International Valuation Standards and RICS Valuation – Professional Standards.
  • Describe the use of Valuation Standards from the client's perspective

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The course is composed of 6 technical modules which contain: e-learning, reading materials, case studies, discussion forums, live web classes and quizzes.

The modules cover the core valuation competencies of inspection, measurement and valuation methodologies as well as an introductory and conclusion/review module as follows:

Module 0
Course Introduction
Module 1
Context and information gathering for valuation
Module 2
Comparable method and the market
Module 3
Investment method and two techniques
Module 4
Residual method traditional
Module 5
DRC and profits methods overview
Module 6
Valuation Standards and the client
Module 7
Course Review and Summary



  • After Module 7, there will be a final exam of 1.5 hours
  • Learners will complete 50 multiple choice questions randomised from a question bank of 100
  • To pass the course, learners will need to score a min of 65%
  • Where a learner scores less than 65%, a second attempt will be possible. Any additional attempts must be requested to the Online Academy
  • The exam window will be one month

Certificate of Completion

Only upon passing the final exam, learners will be eligible to receive an RICS Certificate of Completion.

Price Excl. VAT

£695.00 for RICS members

£835.00 for non-members