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Agricultural Competency Masterclass

Web class Online, 5 Feb 2018

Agriculture is a required competency for all rural pathway candidates. A sound working knowledge of farming policies and farm finance underpins most areas of rural professional work. This web class will enable APC candidates to tackle the competency with confidence.

Over half of all rural pathway candidates, were referred on their agriculture competency in early 2015. Look in detail at the competency description, identifying what assessors will expect when you come to demonstrate skills and knowledge in your assessments. Consider each of the three key assessments in their own right, identifying best practice methods for preparation and areas where problems commonly occur. With the chance to assess sample submissions you will gain the ability to identify your own skills gaps and necessary preparation to successfully manage APC assessments.

Course content

  • Definitions of Agriculture
  • What do assessors look for?
  • How to best complete your summary for experience
  • Case study requirements and key issues
  • Typical interview questions and response techniques
  • Types of experience for demonstrating competence
  • Top tips and common reasons for referral

Learning outcomes

By the end of the Web Class, you will be able to:

  • Complete written templates for agricultural competency with the correct level of detail to allow the assessors to prepare for the interview
  • Include an agriculture key issue within your case study
  • Identify how best to respond to APC assessors’ questions at each level
  • Present relevant experience to support your answers
  • Avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls.
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You will begin by identifying the assessment criteria for competence demonstration then discuss specific considerations for each of the key APC assessments. Grade sample submissions and discuss.

Price Excl. VAT

£30.00 for RICS members

£30.00 for non-members