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Red Book - Purpose, Application and Benefits

Web class Online, 6 Feb 2018

This class provides context for the Valuation Standards and why they are so important to Valuers and their clients worldwide. We will describe the fundamental principles underpinning their use and discuss the content, including the International Valuation Standards. We will highlight key areas with brief case studies. There will be some interactive multi choice questions to check understanding.

This course is designed for practicing residential valuers who regularly undertake valuations for lending purposes and want to ensure that their valuation reports comply with the Red Book whilst ensuring the bank receive all the information needed for mortgage approval.

Learning outcomes

  • State the purpose of the Red Book
  • List the main contents
  • Describe how to use the Red Book
  • Understand the global application of the Red Book
  • Identify the bases of valuation to be used
  • Locate the relevant appropriate professional guidance

Who Should Attend

  • Commercial Valuers
  • Residential Valuers
  • Professionals working with Valuers: Administrator, Marketing
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Pre-Class Reading Material/Post Reading Material

Participants should access the RICS Valuation – Professional Standards (online version) from the RICS website and have a quick look at the content. An awareness of the document would be helpful.

Please visit  prior the session


A presentation based session interspersed with anecdotal insight and multi choice questions. 


  • Objectives/ agenda – this is what we will be doing and why
  • Context for the Red Book
  • Contents of the Red Book – things to think about (PS 1 &2 ), things to do (VPS 1-4)
  • The international angle (IVS)
  • Conflict case study
  • Terms of Engagement
  • Reporting
  • Valuation bases
  • Loan security case study
  • Uncertainty
  • Contamination
  • Questions

Price excl. VAT

£40.00 for RICS members

£40.00 for non-members