Take a look at the keynote sessions and concurrent workshops where built environment professionals and stakeholders will share one platform to start the dialogue on critical topics in the real estate, business valuation, and construction sectors.

The agenda at a glance will give you the program overview for all three days.

Highlighted sessions include:

May 1


Registration opens 

6pm to 7:30pm

Welcome reception 
- Amanda Clack FRICS, President, RICS and Partner, Ernst & Young (Infrastructure Advisory);
- John Colt Landreth FRICS, Mid-West Chapter Chair, RICS and Principal, Plaza Property Advisors, Inc.;
- Neil Shah, Managing Director, RICS (Americas);
- Peter M. Smith FRICS, Americas Chair, RICS and Executive Director, Ernst & Young (National Property Tax). 

May 2

7:30am to 8:30am

Registration & Breakfast 

8:30am to 9am

Keynote One: Welcome
An overview of the topics covered over the next two days.

- Amanda Clack FRICS, President, RICS and Partner, Ernst & Young (Infrastructure Advisory);
- Peter Smith FRICS, Americas Chair, RICS and Executive Director, Ernst & Young (National Property Tax). 

9am to 9:50am

Keynote Two: The economy
Expert economist Michael H. Moskow relays the current state of the national and global economy and the impact on global affairs as it relates to the real estate industry.
- Michael H. Moskow, 8th President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Vice Chair and Distinguished Fellow, Global Economy. 

9:50am to 10:30am

Keynote Three: The Future
There are rare few technologies more hyped today than blockchain, the underlying fabric of Bitcoin.  In this session, we will provide context and clarity around distributed ledger technology, blockchain, and the real value of its usage with specific examples.

- Robert Schukai, MBE, Global Head of Design, Digital Identity Solutions, Thomson Reuters. 

10:30am to 11am

Networking break 

11am to 12:30pm – Current workshops

Workshop A: Valuation firms 2020: Convergence, integration or fragmentation?
A decade ago institutional clients had gravitated to two global real estate service firms when not with the Big Four, for most valuation services. The crumbs were left to local mom and pop shops. Regulatory fiefdoms at the state level fostered geographic silos at the expense of building broad subject-matter expertise. Today we see at least ten national players competing for the same institutional commodity work while valuers age in place and struggle to replenish their ranks. The RICS panel will bring together valuer leadership - both adapters and disrupters - to help discern what is ahead. 
- Ed Alegre MRICS, President, Colliers (Valuation & Advisory Services);
- John D. Busi FRICS, President, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (Valuation & Advisory);
- P. Barton DeLacy FRICS, DeLacy O’Dwyer, LLC- Accurity United;
- Colin Johnston MBA FRICS, President, Altus Group Limited, Canada (Research, Valuation & Advisory);
- Thomas B. McDonnell FRICS, President, CBRE (Valuation & Advisory Services);
- James J. Moran FRICS, Executive Managing Director and COO, Cushman & Wakefield (Valuation & Advisory Services);
- Michael W. Welch SR/WA R/W-AC MRICS, Head of Valuation & Advisory Services, Jones Lang LaSalle.

Workshop B: SEC challenge update — The BV industry and the CEIV credential
Since the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission challenged the business valuation industry on its fragmented approach, the profession has been working with regulators, major employers and across associations to provide a market response in the public interest. Key members of the working group examining this issue will discuss the advancement of the BV industry and the creation of a new CEIV credential as a step in the right direction for the valuation profession. This session also looks forward to reviewing the reception of the CEIV credential in the market.
- Anthony V. Aaron FRICS, Retired Ernst & Young Partner (Valuation) and Professor of USC, Board of Trustees for Appraisal Foundation;
- Leigh Miller FRICS, Global Leader, Ernst & Young (Valuation and Business Modeling);
- BJ Orzechowski, Partner, KPMG LLP (Economic and Valuation Services);
- Stamos Nicholas, Principal, Deloitte;
- Adam Smith, Managing Director, PwC and Practice Fellow, FASB, Technical Dtor of Business Valuation Standards, International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC).

Workshop C: Raising and investing institutional capital
This In-depth discussion will take a holistic view of the development of an investment platform, (including research, asset class and the plan to access deals). The panelists will address key components, such as marketing the fund and effectively managing risk while also looking at how to maximize research and utilize broker relationships.
- Larissa Herczeg, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of the Fund of Funds platform, Oak Street Real Estate Capital
- John Colt Landreth FRICS, Mid-West Chapter Chair, RICS and Principal, Plaza Property Advisors, Inc.
- Christopher Merrill, Harrison Street; Frank Schmidtz, Managing Principal, Park Hill Group.
- Frank Schmitz, Partner at PJT Partners and Co‐Head & Co‐Founder of Park Hill Real Estate Group.

12:30pm to 1:45pm

Lunch & Power keynote: Valuing the World Series
How much is the World Series worth? Experts in Fine Arts (memorabilia), Real Property, and Business Valuation come together to discuss the impact of the World Series win on the value of the Chicago Cubs as a franchise, Wrigley Field, and their memorabilia.
- Bruce B. Bingham FRICS, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group;
- Joseph J. Calvanico FRICS, Managing Director, Loop Capital Financial Consulting Services;
- M. Barden Prisant FRICS, President and Founder, International Art Advisors.         

1:45pm to 2pm

Networking break 

2pm to 3:30pm – Current Workshops

Workshop A: Innovations in office property development
The brand new 150 North Riverside office building is a cutting-edge example of the latest innovations in office property development. The development team of architects from Goettsch Partners, the general contractor from Clark Construction, and the developer from Riverside Investment and Development will highlight key innovations implemented in this development while juxtaposing with the innovations that emit from the 110 North Wacker development which is currently in design and development. Bringing this discussion to life, a tour of 150 North Riverside will follow later in the program.
- Robert S. Best, Executive Vice President, Director, Americas, Jones Lang LaSalle (Energy & Sustainability Services)
- Mark Eames, Clark Construction;
- Steve Nilles, Nilles Architectural Consulting;
- Anthony Scacco, Riverside Investment and Development;
- Scott Seyer, Goettsch Partners;
- Joachim Schuessler, Goettsch Partners.

Workshop B: Quantity surveying — Preparing for a changing role in North America
Quantity Surveying as a profession is still relatively unknown in the United States, unless a client has had exposure to the discipline. The industry is seeing an increase in global clients asking for estimating services in the US from firms with recognized professional QS services. The panel will discuss how RICS and QS firms in North America can work together to:
a) Provide adequate training for QS's
b) Ensure RICS-qualified professionals are delivering the best in client service
c) Provide firms with a competitive edge
d) Provide an alternate to traditional Project team organization.
- Mark D. Fergus FRICS, Regional Director, Cumming Corporation;
- Alex Freeman, Exactal;
- Nicholas Butcher, Managing Director, MGAC (Cost/Risk);
- Tim Horner, F&G;
- Alexia Nalewaik, QS Requin Corporation;
- Paul Hughes, Altus Group.

Workshop C: Infrastructure –– Current practice and future trends 
The launch of an RICS research paper on Infrastructure Management in North America is the outcome of a collaborative research effort that examines and promotes best practices across the infrastructure community.  It aims to establish a dialogue that can inform policy makers, public sector leaders, and private sector companies seeking solutions to improve the overall state of infrastructure across North America. The research will explore a wide range of topics across infrastructure asset management to include financing, design and construction, and long term asset management. The paper and related panel discussion serves as a timely knowledge resource for both public and private sector leaders to further professionalize and optimize their infrastructure portfolios while maintaining a high level of public service and commitment to creating a better world.
- Amanda Clack FRICS, President, RICS and Partner at EY (Infrastructure Advisory);
- Ralph Collins, Public Works and Government Services Canada;
- Douglas E. Ellsworth, US Army Corps of Engineers;
- Marie Foley, BTY;
- Chris Guthkelch FRICS, Skanska Infrastructure Development;
- Lawrence A. Melton FRICS, CEO and President, The Building People;
- Tina Paek, US Government Accountability Office (GAO).

3:30pm to 4pm

Networking break 

4pm to 5:30pm – Current workshops & Exclusive tours

Workshop A: Resiliency
The frequency and intensity of natural disasters are increasing. People and property are increasingly in harm’s way. Resilience is dependent on the ability to address these risks in a coordinated approach that results in stronger communities, businesses, individuals and economies. The ability to achieve resilience relies on a common vision of what the community and its stakeholders should strive for, shared values that support collective efforts towards achieving that vision, and the valuation and associated finance, insurance and incentive tools to drive smart investment.  The panel will identify and discuss various different strategies to advance investment in resilience including through the identification of risks, the development of coordinated incentive strategies and signals, and the buy-in of community stakeholders.
- David Baxter, Managing Director, Mitig8 Risk Management;
- Joyce Coffee, President, Climate Resilience Consulting;
- Ryan Colker, Presidential Advisor, National Institute of Building Sciences;
- Henry L. Green, Hon. AIA, President, National Institute of Building Sciences.

Workshop B: Raising the Bar – Defining the strategic impact of Facility Management 
This session will highlight the recent research paper Raising the Bar, which was launched last month at MIPIM and pulls together insights from over 2500 Facility Management professionals from around the globe.  Revisiting the initial 2012 study in order to track changes and trends in the profession, the session addresses the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities in FM and stresses the need for FM to be integrated into the broader built environment. In this context, there will also be a discussion by key organizational leadership of the historic collaboration between RICS and IFMA that unifies the strategy across the life cycle of the built.
- Alice Hogueisson, Director of Facilities, Edleman;
- Tony Keane, CEO, IFMA;
- Lawrence A. Melton FRICS, CEO and President, The Building People;
- Adeyinka Ade Okuwoga, Division Manager, The World Bank (General Services Department);
- Neil Shah, Managing Director, RICS (Americas).

Tour A: Millennium Park
Take in large-scale contemporary masterpieces to accents of Chicago’s beginnings built on space previously occupied by rail yards and parking lots.

Tour B: 150 North Riverside
Tour the 2016 Commercial Development of the Year. 

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May 3

8am to 9am

Registration and Breakfast 

9am to 10am

Keynote Four: The future of retail real estate: How the internet is changing everything
Retail has always been a highly competitive, fast moving industry. Virtually all innovations in real estate finance have been a response to the competitive nature of retail and, therefore of retail real estate. Now we face an industry that is being turned upside down because of the Internet. The panel will discuss the topic of how the Internet will impact the future of retail real estate from various angles, including: What types of products will be sold exclusively online?; The future of department stores and regional malls, i.e., What will a Neiman Marcus store look like in 5-10 years?; The drugstore of tomorrow, and much more.
- James Cook, Americas Director of Research, JLL (Retail);
- Michael D. George, President, Mid-America Real Estate;
- Alan J. Lacy, Former CEO of Sears, Former Senior Advisor, Oak Hill Capital Partners;
- John Colt Landreth FRICS, Mid-West Chapter Chair, RICS and Principal, Plaza Property Advisors, Inc. 

10am to 11am

Keynote Five: RICS Ethics debate: The value of honest business
There is a clear need for ethical business to play a stronger role across many companies and sectors. With hyper-competition putting pressure on professionals within businesses obsessed with keeping costs down and shareholders happy, who is really profiting from ethical business? This debate will ask big questions about the current construction and real estate sectors we operate in: from both a financial and management point of view. Is ‘the system’ driving unethical business behavior or are individuals ultimately to blame for any irresponsible conduct? What are the key challenges and opportunities for wider adoption of ethical values in private real estate, investment, and construction firms and related institutions?
- Flavio Augusto Ayres Amary, President, SECOVI;
- Carlos de la Fuente Herrera, General Director, INDAABIN (Valuation and projects); 
- Sean Tompkins, CEO, RICS;
- Anna Urquiza, Director, Americas, CBRE (Quality Risk Management).
- Charles Hardy, Chief Workplace Officer of the General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service.

11am to 11:30am

Networking break

11:30am to 1pm – Current workshops

Workshop A: Big Data: Quantifying the Built Environment
More and more, the use of data is changing how firms deliver services their clients and the public.  Cutting edge analytics are driving transactions, risk management, and investment decisions while continuing to shape and reshape expectations of clients.  This discussion will address how big data is impacting various aspects of the built environment and how to look at data and analytical tools in a way that’s useful. 
- Ross Litkenhous, Senior Director, Altus Group US Inc. (State & Local Tax and Advisory);   
- Frank P. Spadafora, Technology Director, Cushman & Wakefield (Investor Services);
- Steve Williams, RCA.

Workshop B: Arbitration - Navigation the choppy waters
This panel will discuss global hot topics in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), including: The reintroduction of arbitration in construction; the expert witness, and conflict avoidance.
- Simon Braithwaite, Forensic and Litigation Consulting, Construction Solutions F T I Consulting;
- Webster A. Collins FRICS, Executive Vice President and Partner, New England, CBRE (Valuation and Advisory Services);
- John Fletcher, Product Group Director ADR, RICS;
- C. G. “Sonny”  Jester JD, Director, Gleeds USA (Dispute Advisory Services);
- John Colt Landreth FRICS, Mid-West Chapter Chair, RICS and Principal, Plaza Property Advisors, Inc.

Workshop C: Under 40 tech leaders in real estate
This panel brings together top tech leaders under 40  who are paving the way in the real estate and construction industries. This innovative workshop session will focus on new offers in the tech space as it pertains to the built environment, from creative ways of extending the sharing economy to offices (Breather) to reshaping how we utilize parking spaces (ParqEx). This young panel of presenters will share lessons learned as well the keys to their success in a unique industry at the intersection of the tech start-up and real estate worlds.
- Maggie Burns, VP, Breather (Real Estate);
- Thomas Delaney, COO, Enodo Score;
- Vivek Mehra, Founder & CEO, Parqex;
- Niran Shrestha, onTarget.

1pm to 2pm

Lunch & Power keynote: The future of the profession
Amanda Clack FRICS, RICS President and Partner at EY (Infrastructure Advisory), will be leading several sessions, including 'The Future of the Profession' with a special focus on women's role in the industry. An intriguing debate regardless of gender, topics discussed will include modern management, achieving differentiation, going digital, and ways to accelerate career growth across sectors.
- Darren Cash, BTY
- Amanda Clack FRICS, President, RICS and Partner, Ernst & Young (Infrastructure Advisory);  
- Anne Jablonski, Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield (Diligence Advisory Lead, Valuation and Advisory);
- Jay Olshonsky, President, NAI Global.

2pm to 2:10pm

Closing remarks
Sean Tompkins, CEO, RICS 

2:10pm to 5:30pm - Optional

Architectural Boat Tour 
Purchase tickets on-site at registrations: $35 each (25% discount off regular ticket price. Limited tickets available.)

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Raising the Bar – Defining the strategic impact of Facility Management

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