The program overview is now available online. Take a look at the keynote sessions and concurrent workshops where built environment professionals and stakeholders will share one platform to start the dialogue on critical topics in the real estate, business valuation, and construction sectors.

Program highlights include:

SEC Challenge Update: The BV Industry and the CEIV Credential

Since the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission challenged the business valuation industry on its fragmented approach, the profession has been working with regulators, major employers and across associations to provide a market response in the public interest. Key members of the working group examining this issue will discuss the advancement of the BV industry and the creation of a new CEIV credential as a step in the right direction for the valuation profession. This session also looks forward to reviewing the reception of the CEIV credential in the market.

Valuation Firms: Convergence, Integration or Fragmentation?

A decade ago institutional clients had gravitated to two global real estate service firms when not with the Big Four, for most valuation services. The crumbs were left to local mom and pop shops. Regulatory fiefdoms at the state level fostered geographic silos at the expense of building broad subject-matter expertise. Today we see at least ten national players competing for the same institutional commodity work while valuers age in place and struggle to replenish their ranks. The RICS panel will bring together valuer leadership- both adapters and disrupters- to help discern what is ahead. 

Infrastructure – Global Best Practice and Future Trends 

The launch of an RICS research paper on Infrastructure Management in North America is the outcome of a collaborative research effort that examines and promotes best practices across the infrastructure community.  It aims to establish a dialogue that can inform policy makers, public sector leaders, and private sector companies seeking solutions to improve the overall state of infrastructure across North America. The research will explore a wide range of topics across infrastructure asset management to include financing, design and construction, and long term asset management. The paper and related panel discussion serves as a timely knowledge resource for both public and private sector leaders to further professionalize and optimize their infrastructure portfolios while maintaining a high level of public service and commitment to creating a better world.

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Agenda at a Glance

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