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  • Data is just a pile of bricks until someone builds a house

    Technology is both a threat and an opportunity in streamlining and disrupting traditional ways of working; the role of government is to challenge “road blocks” in these processes. At our recent PropTech Infrastructure Roundtable, we discussed the role of data and technology in infrastructure — here are the top five key themes.

  • Data and tech companies: make a TAP commitment

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Tech Affiliate Program, which gives companies the chance to build a professional profile and receive annual benefits while helping to increase awareness of the impact technology has on the industry.

  • When smart cities meet heritage preservation

    As part of its smart city programme, China has created 400 smart cities and 20 “national smart city pilots”. The Chinese government reports on the status of the programme in annual white papers, however, these have shown that progress has slowed due to the absence of an overarching planning process and multiple, inconsistent standards.