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Land and Resources

Land and Resources

The Land and Resources pathway is designed to be applicable across a wide-ranging group of land and resource related sectors.

It combines the best from the Environment, Geomatics, Minerals and Waste Management, Planning and Development, and Rural Professional Groups to produce a well-rounded ‘land’ professional Chartered Surveyor.

Candidates taking this pathway will be from land management, environmental, infrastructure, planning & development (including rights of light and neighbourly matters), land administration, geography, real estate and extractive industry backgrounds and will need to have a broad understanding of their role in the entire property/real estate lifecycle from land registration/mapping to management to development to remediation and re use.

The United Nations concept of Fit for Purpose (FFP) is mentioned in several competencies and FFP principles are at the heart of capacity building in this critical area of practice. This pathway combines the skillsets needed in the land sector with those needed in property/real estate management and development along with an emphasis on technology combined with dispute resolution, mediation and business skills.

Download the chartered (MRICS) materials

The pathway guide should be used in conjunction with the core assessment documentation available below.