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Early ADR proposal for Compulsory Purchase Orders

Early ADR proposal for Compulsory Purchase Orders

Early ADR proposal for Compulsory Purchase Orders which enable various bodies to acquire rights over land/property, or acquire land/property outright, without the current owner's consent.

RICS professionals, who work in the specialist field of Compulsory Purchase (CP), are concerned that the cost of the current tribunal system often acts as a deterrent to its use and have approached the RICS Dispute Resolution Service to explore possible ADR options for resolving CP disputes, particularly in relation to compensation matters.

The objective is to offer Acquiring Authorities (‘AA’s) and affected property owners (‘Claimants’) a viable and better alternative to resolving disputes prior to considering a reference to the Lands Chamber.

The ADR option summarised in this consultation document is aimed at being used to resolve CP disputes at an earlier stage than is usually the case at present and would be particularly well suited to lower value and less complicated cases.

It is quick and cost-effective. It also gives parties confidence that the management and resolution of their dispute will be facilitated by someone who is impartial and has immense subject matter expertise.

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After the consultation is completed, a published list of activities and timetable to finalise the details of the scheme will be released. A panel of experts/adjudicators will be set up and a soft launch will be developed by end of 2018.

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