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What Makes a Development Feasible?

The one-day course will equip you with knowledge on feasibility valuation in commercial, retail, industrial and mix-use properties.

Wed 10 Jul 2019
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
REDAS, Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue #07-01, Singapore, 239924
6 hours CPD
SGD650 + 7% GST


Undertaking a robust development appraisal can make or break a project. Understanding the inputs to a model and how these can be affected and manipulated is key.

In the full day training session, participants will cover the key terminology, principles and inputs relevant to a Development Appraisal and followed after, participants will construct their own development appraisal model through case studies and a practical session.

Course structure

  • Lecture supported by in-depth group discussions.
  • Case studies and exercises.
  • Practical session using a software based case study.

CPD points:

  • PEB: Pending
  • SISV QS: Pending
  • SPM: Pending

In collaboration with

Learning objectives

  • Introduce the underlying principles & terminology (DCF, NPV, IRR).
  • Understand Key Property Development Performance Indicators (KPDPI).
  • Elaborate on what makes a development feasible.
  • Determine land values.
  • Apply Principles of financing modelling.
  • List out the stages of a Development Appraisal.
  • Find out development preliminaries and constraints.
  • Learn from relevant case studies.
  • Build own Development Appraisal Model.

Who should attend?

  • Property agents – seeking to better understand and market developments/land.
  • Property owners and analysts – looking to sharpen their skills in development feasibility.
  • Quantity surveyors and project managers – looking to better interact with clients and developers.
  • Property valuers, developers – seeking to construct a feasibility using best practice techniques.
  • Bankers & other financial-related analysts.


Participants with a basic understanding of Real Estate industry.

About the trainer

Tim Peisley

Tim is a certified trainer and workplace assessor with over ten (10) years of experience as Training Manager in Australia.

With his vast experience within the property industry, Tim delivers contents for all levels of property professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. He also assists in educating students from universities around the world on the principles of discounted cash flow, development feasibility and valuation.


  • RICS Professional SGD650 + 7% GST
  • Non-RICS professional SGD850 + 7% GST
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

SGD650 + 7% GST