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21 NOV 2018

Woman of the future: Sammi Lim

Sammi Lim believes that every property and each buyer is different in the world of real estate — "you never really do the same thing twice". Inherent curiosity, a thirst for change and a flare for spotting trends and analysing markets have fueled Sammi to great heights in her career and secured many accolades and high-value deals along the way; she is now the Director of Capital Markets at CBRE Singapore.

Sammi is one of the shortlisted candidates in the RICS-sponsored Property, Infrastructure and Construction category at this year's Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia.

Sammi began her career with CBRE in March 2010. Youth has not been an obstacle for Sammi, she has achieved outstanding success in the company and is now rated as the firm's highest deal producer under 35. This has been achieved through her ability to bring energy and enthusiasm to her work and a natural ability to win over clients and generate fresh business. Her successful transactions have exceeded SGD5 billion and she has become the youngest person at CBRE to assume a leadership role.

Sammi's most notable achievements at CBRE include:

  • 2010: 'First Year of Excellence Award' for excelling during her first year at CBRE.
  • 2012: Finalist for 'Young Professional of the Year' at the British Business Awards 2012.
  • 2011, 2012 and 2015: 'Excellence in Investment Properties Award' at CBRE.
  • 2013: 'Professional of the Year Award', the highest level of recognition given by CBRE in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • 2017: 'Excellence in Capital Markets Award' at CBRE.

Sammi stands out as one of the region's most outstanding real estate brokerage professionals. She inspired confidence amongst her team members and younger colleagues, who look to her for guidance as a professional broker and as one of the team leaders in the capital markets business.

Jeremy Lake, Executive Director of Capital Markets, CBRE

The shophouse queen

By spotting trends and analysing markets early when other competitors were focused elsewhere, Sammi discovered a gap in the market and decided early on that she would establish a niche in the strata commercial and shophouse sector. This decision proved fruitful as the market charted remarkable performance and business in the segment clocked record revenues.

The effort and time spent working actively in this market has allowed Sammi to expand her reach and win fresh clients; many media and client contacts across the Asia-Pacific region call her the "Strata and shophouse queen".

Sammi believes there is enormous growth potential in the real estate industry, especially in Singapore.

Singapore remains an attractive location for end users who are choosing this location as their base of operations, as well as investors. Deals are no longer restricted within the Singapore market. It is exciting to offer the market a service that includes various countries and international markets.

Sammi Lim, Director, Capital Markets, CBRE Pte, Ltd. (Singapore)

Sammi Lin
Sammi Lin

Sammi has a vision to expand her customer profile from traditional real estate companies and developers, to ultra-high net worth, private family funds who haven't previously been engaged in real estate but are now keen to actively participate.

About the Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia

The Women of the Future Awards aims to build a global, collaborative network of women in Southeast Asia. The UK branch of the awards has been established for some time and has gone from strength to strength each year. However, in Southeast Asia, talent shortages are more widespread. In fact, greater than 48% of Asia-Pacific employers say that talent shortages are posing difficulties in the hiring process. Tapping into under-utilised talent pools is crucial to combat this.

RICS sponsors the Property, Infrastructure and Construction category and, in March 2019, we once again aim to work with the Awards to build a platform to showcase regional emerging leaders — tomorrow's game changers.

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