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Pride in the Profession

18 SEP 2018

Nabih Azzam FRICS: Middle East surveying

Nabih Azzam, FRICS was one of the first Arab Fellow members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in the Middle East.

In 1973, Nabih Azzam graduated with a Diploma in Building Economics from Portsmouth Polytechnic (UK). During the late seventies and whilst working in the UK, Nabih was instrumental in establishing office branches in the Middle East, particularly in Jordan & Iraq. Having successfully set up these branches and with growing responsibilities, Nabih was promoted to the Board of Directors and then became Deputy Chairman of an internationally renowned Quantity Surveying Practice.

Together with his experience and his RICS qualification, Nabih saw the opportunity to establish his Quantity Surveying practice in Jordan. In 1982, Nabih Elias Azzam & Partners (NEA) was formed and became the first Chartered QS practice in Jordan offering specialist QS and Cost Management Services. Nabih, guided by his professionalism and ethics, managed to prove to the clients the value added by appointing a Quantity Surveying firm, until that time Quantity Surveying was not known to Jordan construction market.

In early 2000, he recognised the growing demand for the Quantity Surveying profession in the Gulf region and established NEA branch offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and shortly after in Qatar, Syria, Oman and a representative office in Canada.

Today NEA, is a Chartered & Regulated Firm by RICS which employs over 125 staff from 12 different nationalities across numerous offices worldwide. 36% of NEA’s employees are female. The company has worked on over 1,500 local and international contracts worth more than $10 Billion. NEA provides professional services to a broad range of clients and sectors, including, Residential, Hospitality & Resorts, Offices, Retail, Education, Infrastructure and Healthcare.

Nabih’s own passion and dedication to promoting the profession and the merits of being a Chartered Surveyor have led him to play a pivotal role in promoting surveying education and training. A collaboration between NEA and German Jordanian University was formed in 2018 to deliver the first Professional Diploma in Quantity Surveying in Jordan.He has also been supporting Kingston University London for seven years in delivering one of its core modules in obtaining a Quantity Surveying Masters degree.

NEA continues to deliver on its vision by not only providing Quantity Surveying and Cost Management, but, through Nabih’s guidance, has also expanded the business to offer more services such as Contract, Development and Client Advisory services.