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4 JUN 2018

Facilitating coordination and integration in the building of social capital

Adopting the instrumental theory of technology, this study assesses the use of social media within a London Underground Programme created to deliver a series of integrated station upgrades.

Statement of the problem

Coordination and integration are vital project functions enabling a project team to achieve successful project delivery. The development of social capital is also considered as a powerful mechanism that is vital to facilitate collaborative working. There is little empirical evidence suggesting how these are achieved through social media within large infrastructure projects. 

Research approach and findings

This research evaluates the applicability of social media technologies in an attempt to address issues of coordination, integration and the building of social capital. The study found limited evidence of project-based coordination and integration occurring through the social media tool. However, the tool was identified as a knowledge integration instrument providing wider accessibility to knowledge, experience and resources throughout the organisation, and as a networking tool that enables the building of social capital at both project and organisational levels.

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