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Specialist Assessment

MRICS: Specialist Assessment

The Specialist Assessment is suitable for individuals who are delivering enhanced services within an RICS discipline and are recognised for their impact and authority.

The 5 stages of assessment


You must have 10 years’ relevant experience. This is reduced to 5 years if you have an undergraduate degree (or equivalent professional qualification) and a relevant post-graduate degree (master’s level or higher).

You must be able to demonstrate your responsibility for delivering services in a specialist area of work, referencing elements of your career and contributions to the profession that identify you as a specialist practitioner.

All Specialist Assessment applicants must appoint a counsellor who is RICS qualified. Their role is to support you and guide you throughout your assessment journey. Counsellors for the Senior Professional Assessment must be MRICS or FRICS.


To determine if you are eligible for the assessment you must send your CV and a 400 word statement that documents how your experience meets the RICS profile of a specialist.

Your CV and statement will be reviewed by trained RICS reviewers.


Candidates for all RICS assessments must successfully complete the RICS online ethics module and test.


The submission for the Specialist Assessment includes:

  • Your CV and 400-word statement
  • 3 case studies – 1,000-1500 words each on projects that demonstrate your specialist area of practice and technical ability 
  • CPD - a record of 20 hours of CPD for the last 12 months


Your counsellor will confirm when you are ready to submit for assessment.

You will attend a 60-minute interview with a panel of trained RICS assessors. Following a 10-minute presentation by you on your specialist profile, the panel will ask questions on your presentation and your selected competencies.

Next steps – apply today

Send us your details and supporting evidence to be considered for the Specialist Assessment. We will review your application and either confirm that you can proceed to the submission stage or provide details of an alternative assessment. No payment is required at this stage.

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How long will it take me to qualify?

It will depend on your current experience, but generally it takes between 6-12 months to complete the submission and attend the interview.

How much will it cost?

Applicant fees

An enrolment fee is payable when you apply to become a Specialist Assessment candidate. This covers all the support materials, access to the online ethics module and test, access to the Assessment Resource Centre (ARC) where you will complete your submission, and the interview assessment.

Qualification fees

When you are awarded the qualification an election fee and your professional subscription fee is payable. The election fee covers the award pack and election process giving access to all RICS professional services. The professional subscription fee covers your RICS professional status for your first calendar year.

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