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24 MAR 2018

Earn your hours

Every RICS professional must complete 20 hours of CPD, including 10 formal hours, by 31 December each year. This is most commonly done through training, however, there are several other ways to earn your hours.

Here are a few ways you can earn CPD that you may not be aware of:

1. Shadow and coach (Informal)

Have you ever shadowed other colleagues or received coaching at work? These are ways to develop your personal and practical skills through professional activities and count as informal CPD.

2. Teach (Formal)

Providing interactive and participative formal teaching or instruction for others is a great way to earn formal CPD. However, you must ensure that you set clear objectives and learning outcomes in advance.

3. Self-managed learning (Formal)

Self-managed learning that has a clear learning outcome and links to your development needs is a flexible and cost-effective way to top up your hours.

4. Author (Formal)

Keen writer? The technical authorship of articles, reports, manuals etc, which are published for use by other professionals, counts as formal CPD.

5. Presentation (Formal)

Or perhaps you prefer an audience? The delivery of presentations counts as formal CPD. However, the presentation must be about a technical subject, and research and preparation must have been done that enhances your own knowledge.

6. Board or committee participation (Informal)

You can get closer to the 20 mandatory hours if you sit on a non-RICS board or committee where you can develop your business and technical skills.

7. Private study (Informal)

Private study online or reading paper-based trade publications, manuals, professional briefs and journals also counts as CPD. It’s easy to forget to record this, so ensure you do it regularly.

Record your CPD

Have you already completed some of your CPD hours? It’s never too early to start  don’t wait until the end of year.

Record your CPD

One of the worst parts of our regulatory duties is to see RICS professionals facing disciplinary panels, possible expulsion and the loss of their RICS designation due to continuing professional development (CPD) failures. CPD is a fundamental requirement of maintaining professionalism; please ensure you complete CPD by 31 December, and record it by 31 January.

Ilana Rosenzweig
Head of Regulation, Asia Pacific, RICS

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