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How to become RICS qualified in Switzerland

Within Switzerland we have qualified professionals from a whole range of backgrounds and expertise. We welcome applications from all parts of Switzerland, all specialisms and all Swiss languages.

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There are several ways to become qualified with RICS. To find out about the options open to you, please complete the CV (download on the right). It can be completed in German or English. Please return it to

We can then assess your educational and professional background and advise you on your options. This may mean you need to complete further education or professional experience or you may be able to immediately enter the assessment process.

If you can immediately enter the process we will send you the application form. In the CV, you need to select the Pathway (technical specialism) that best matches your day to day work and experience. To see what Pathways exist please look at the Requirements and Competencies document on the right. Several language versions are available.  

The next steps are:    

Step 1

Complete the formal application form.  

  • Choose a Counsellor who will support you throughout your preparation. This person can be an RICS member you already know, or you can contact Heidi Beaunée,   for some names of RICS professionals willing to support candidates.
  • Pay the Membership Assessment fee

Step 2

Once the registration is complete and correct online and the assessment fee has been paid you will start preparing the documents to be presented for the final assessment. The documents required vary depending on the route you are following. The guides for each route are available on the right. Your counsellor has an important role in supporting you in preparing the documents. Documents can be submitted in German or French. Italian and English is also possible on request. 

Step 3

When ready, you apply for final assessment. We have assessments every May and November in Geneva (French language) and Zurich (German language) and as required in Lugano. Several weeks before the assessments we have preparation seminars in each city to help you understand what is necessary for success and to help you prepare. 

Step 4

The final assessment is a structured 60-minute interview with 3 RICS members trained as assessors. The decision is based on your documents and the interview. You will know on the day of the assessment if you have passed.

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