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Commercial Management in Infrastructure

Global demand for infrastructure is growing rapidly as the push to secure future economic stability becomes the focus for governments and organisations. This has resulted in an increased demand for commercial managers who are able to secure investment returns on infrastructure programmes.

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Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 210 days
60 hours formal CPD

£495 + VAT


It is vital to have the skills required to deliver value for money outcomes. Through initially setting the scene of the infrastructure industry, this bundle of online courses builds on the key skills of existing construction professionals to develop best practice for a Commercial Management role.

From managing main stakeholders and understanding their drivers and motivations, to administrating the process of cost planning and benchmarking, risk, supply chains and procurement processes, this course delivers the fundamental skills required for best practice commercial delivery on an infrastructure programme, by working through a diverse range of case studies and reading materials.

Who is this course for?

  • Existing construction professionals (Quantity Surveyors or Project Managers) that are looking to learn more and move into the infrastructure sector as commercial managers or related roles and develop the essential skills required
  • Existing Cost or Commercial Managers working in infrastructure who wish to implement latest best practice, upskill and strengthen their learning
  • Engineers that are looking to broaden their commercial management knowledge and skill set to accompany and complement their existing engineering knowledge
  • The course is applicable to client and consultant organisations
  • Professionals with relevant experience looking for a transition in their career.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Classify the core elements of the infrastructure industry

  • Manage your relationship with the stakeholders on an infrastructure programme, and comprehend their drivers and motivations

  • Develop common practices for building collaborative relationships with stakeholders

  • Construct and develop an effective cost plan

  • Apply the key aspects involved in the supply chain management to an Infrastructure Programme

  • Analyse and develop tools avoid potential risks to an infrastructure programme

Course Content

In this package, you will have access to 6 online modules:

  • Infrastructure: Setting the Scene
  • The Main Stakeholders
  • Client Engagement and Collaborative Working
  • Tendering, Procurement and Balancing Your Supply Chain
  • Cost Planning and Benchmarking
  • Risk Management

To understand the detailed outcomes for each module within this programme and to see which activity types and learning styles are implemented.
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  • Non-RICS professionals £595 + VAT
  • RICS professionals £495 + VAT
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

£495 + VAT