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Picking our partners

Picking our partners

We cherry-pick deals from the best brands, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re receiving the most competitive offer possible.

We receive many applications from companies, but how do we decide which deals are of worth to our professionals?

How does a company become a preferred partner?

We only accept companies who are the best in their business, ensuring you receive the best service and value for money. This is achieved by carrying out a number of due diligence processes, which if passed, allow a company to become a preferred partner or provider. These processes include the following:

  • Relevance to our professionals: whether the brand and its products are right for members. This is achieved by carrying out surveys in order to determine the needs and demands of our members.
  • Exploring alternative provision: looking at other competitors in the market so we can ensure we are partnering you with the best brands.
  • Market positioning: how the brand is positioned in its current market.
  • Financial stability and ownership structure: we run financial credit checks assess company stability before negotiation begins.
  • Reputation: whether the brand holds a good reputation to ensure you get the best service and customer experience.
  • Brand fit and differentiation: how well the brand fits in with RICS and how the brand hold differential advantage in its market compared to similar businesses.

We carry out these procedures to ensure our members are confident that we’re obtaining the best possible deals from the most reputable brands and businesses.

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