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Talent, skills and education

Even today, our ability to plan, build and manage our built environment is constrained by a scarcity of skills in our sector.  

This skills crisis highlights today's productivity problem, but are we clear on the skills that we'll need to respond to radical climate, demographic and economic change in the coming decades?

This is at the forefront of our thinking. We are establishing what new skills and competencies our profession will need to lead positive change in the built and natural environment.

Crucial to this is attracting the brightest talent from the broadest reaches of our societies to enter our practices and challenge our conventions.

They won't be alone. Assisted by the right technologies, our future profession will be able to focus more on creating solutions, ones which respond to the accelerating demands of our changing built and natural environment.

As the pace of change quickens, our clients will demand that we demonstrate our competence at regular intervals throughout our careers. This will require a greater level of adaptability from professionals to keep abreast of the increasingly dynamic ways in which people will use tomorrows built and natural environment.

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